About us

Who are we?

We are a team of business consultants sharing the same passion – we believe in the power of behavioral economics and consumer psychology. Our results, from the dozens of projects we have completed for some of the largest companies out there, confirm us in this belief.

Since 2015, we’ve been refining our approach to make sure that our clients get the best that behavioral economics and consumer psychology can offer.

What makes us unique?

We don’t do guesswork. Over the years, we’ve been collecting insights from behavioral economics and consumer psychology to understand:

  1. How customers think
  2. What drives their behavior
  3. And how to change it

With this knowledge rooted in science, we don’t offer shallow
marketing advice. Instead, we provide proven, effective solutions.

How do we approach a project?

Typically, our projects consist of three major phases:

Behavioral diagnosis

We ask lot of questions to understand you and your target group. We go deep into the decision-making process of your customers and gather all the data.

Solution design & prototyping

Based on the data obtained, we tailor multiple solutions using the latest behavioral economics and consumer psychology knowledge.


We help to design pilot testing to see which solution is the most effective. We iterate based on the results and assist with implementing the changes.

What methods
do we use?

To understand customers

Neuromarketing methods
These allow us to go beyond what customers say and observe their unconscious tendencies.

  • Attention prediction with Predict AI tool
  • Implicit & Fast choice testing
  • Eye tracking

Psychological methods
Proven methods that provide us with rich data and help to build a full picture of your target group.

  • Observations
  • Interviews & focus groups
  • Surveys

To design solutions

The result of dozen studies that uncovers barriers that customer faces.

Conjoint analysis
Analysis that reveals which features of your product the customers value the most, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Fogg’s Behavioral Model and Hooked model
Tools that show us which conditions have to be met for behavior to occur and prevail.

Proprietary DEEPDIVE framework
The most detailed framework available so far that allows us to use the full power of behavioral economics and consumer psychology to meet your goals.

Our team

Matt Sucha

Partner & CEO

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Michal Plevka

Partner & Head of Consulting

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Nikola Bernatova

Country Manager Czech Republic & Customer Journey Lead

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Kristina Radova

Performance Communication Lead

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Roman Buric

UX & Product Design Lead

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