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    Grow your credibility and unlock new revenue delivering the world’s #1 training in consumer psychology


    How does it work?

    As our licensed trainer, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge, resources, and skills to deliver and promote the world’s #1 training in consumer psychology.

    You’ll not only gain strong credibility but also become an expert in the field. Mastering the powerful SURF™ framework will enable you to guide your trainees towards remarkable results.

    You’ll discover effective strategies to engage participants and handle challenging questions with ease. Plus, making the learning experience enjoyable will become second nature to you.

    Rest assured, we’ll provide you with everything you need to market and sell the training, paving the way for a six-figure income. 😉

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    This program is for you if you’re…

    Established consultant or trainer

    with a passion for consumer psychology and you want to build or grow your own business.

    Aspiring consultant or trainer

    and you would like to associate yourself with a strong brand with international credibility

    A training organization

    and you want to expand your portfolio of training programs with something that will set you apart.

    What should you know about the license?

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    • You’ll gain all the know-how during our lively 5-day online onboarding.
    • You’ll receive expert guidance on training delivery and confidently handling participant questions.
    • You’ll learn a proven and effective process to promote and sell the training.
    • Count on us and the entire licensed trainer community for ongoing assistance, advice, and support.
    • Enjoy your license for 12 months, with an option to extend.
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    “I'm truly grateful for everything surrounding the license: the fantastic preparation, the interactive sessions, the support and guidance, and the thoughtful attention to every detail. The materials were outstanding, and I'm excited for what comes next”
    Gabriela SIvaLicensee since 2024
    “It was an intense 4-day onboarding, but wow, the activities were designed to keep us fully engaged both mentally and physically all day long. We seamlessly moved between theory and real-life examples, and it all clicked into place within our own context. That's what truly made the training invaluable”
    Ivana BartanusLicensee since 2024
    “Absolutely love the professional vibe from the entire Mindworx team! Matt's onboarding was top-notch, and every team member's involvement was fantastic. Your attention to detail and dedication to quality are truly impressive.”
    Lenka ZupcanovaLicensee since 2024

    What should you know about the training?

    Consumer Psychology: 9 Principles to Boost Sales & Increase Conversions is the world’s #1 training program in consumer psychology.

    It is not another training about dubious sales tactics. It isn’t about uncovering the “psychological” profile of customers or learning “magic sales formulas”. 

    So, what is this training about then?

    It’s about the why behind the buy. It teaches participants a powerful SURF™ framework and 9 psychological principles that help them boost their sales and increase conversions.

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