Customer journey building

Stop chasing the new. Increase the value of existing customers throughout their life cycle.


What is it about?

Use your elaborate customer management tools the way they are supposed to be used – in executing detailed customer journeys that actually convert! Understand how and when to sell and upsell, but also when not to sell to existing customers to maximize their value and satisfaction.

Phase 1: Behavioral diagnostics


Defining goals

It’s tempting to start with everything all at once! Instead, we zero in on products & services that are crucial to your bottom line. We will help you create specific goals that can be clearly measured and are tied to specific customer actions.


Discovering target groups

Thorough qualitative and quantitative research helps us uncover what your customers are driven by and what the value propositions look like for different groups.


Mapping out decision-making processes

We will help you identify behavioral triggers, seasonal factors & important touchpoints you need to take into account when designing customer journeys in order to avoid your communications falling on deaf ears.

Phase 2: Designing & testing solutions

We create customer journeys and communications depending on specific target groups and business goals. You can expect:

Detailed customer journeys

We design a thorough campaign journey, optimized for impact. This is done to the most granular level (timing, sequence, target groups, channels) so that you get the best performance at each touch point.

Communication that is conversion-focused, yet caring

Conversion-focused copy is centered around value and behavioral principles in order to build trust and increase retention. Sometimes we sell, and sometimes we just educate. Then, when we move to sales, it feels appropriate and customers stick around.

Iterative testing

Because we have tested everything from simple to more complex always-on campaigns, we have a system in place. Now we can leverage the power of your CRM tools and send the right offer at the right time, using the channels most likely to succeed.

Phase 3: Complete customer life-cycle communication 

We push to sales strategically, not willy-nilly. We will create everything from journeys to communication and all that’s left for you is to push play. Clients get:

  • Relevant, personalized & persuasive offers 
  • At the right time in their life-cycle based on triggers
  • Through enough touchpoints and the right channels 

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