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Only the last step separates you from Consumer Psychology Training.

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    Only the last step separates you from Consumer Psychology Training.

      Consumer Psychology Training

      Learn what to say and how to say it to make your customers tick.

      What is it all about?

      Do you know what to say and how to say it to make your customers tick?

      90% of decisions happen subconsciously. 

      That’s why companies don’t get far by bombarding customers with rational arguments, discounts and special deals. So, what actually makes them tick? 

      This training reveals the most important behavioral economics and consumer psychology principles that drive consumer behavior. You’ll learn how to use them in your specific situation to solve your specific challenges

      Smart companies that trained with us

      When is the next workshop?

      4.10.2023 9:00-15:00

      Consumer Psychology Training – Oct
      Scott Weber – Blox Dejvice – Praha 6

      250 €
      15.11.2023 9:00-15:00

      Consumer Psychology Training – Nov
      WorkLounge – Forum Karlín – Praha 8

      250 €

      At the end,
      you walk away with:


      Behavioural framework

      We will guide you step by step through the ADAPT framework. In this way, you will get a systematic approach to applying the knowledge of customer psychology.


      15 behavioral principles

      You will learn to use 15 key behavioral principles that control the subconscious of your customers.



      The exercises are adapted so that you master the principles as quickly as possible.


      Ideation prompts

      A set of guiding questions for each principle covered. The answers to these questions will lead you to solutions that you would not have thought of without them.

      Who will benefit the most?

      In short: If you design, communicate or sell different solutions for customers in banking or insurance industry, this training is for you.

      • CRM Teams
      • Digital Sales Teams
      • Copywriting Teams
      • CX Teams

      Is this training
      a good fit for you?

      The training is a great fit, if want:

      • Your team to stop doing the same things over and over again and instead come up with fresh, innovative ideas and approaches.
      • To measurably bump up the performance of your direct communication, ads, online funnels, and everything between.
      • To get to the bottom of what drives customers and makes them tick.

      What do our clients say?

      “Delving deeper into customer psychology and behavioral economics with Mindworx has been one of the most ground-breaking experiences of my nearly 20-year career in marketing.”
      Martin HromkovičMarketing Strategy Expert at Orange, Bratislava
      “At the workshop, I learned a lot of useful things in the field of customer behavior, what works for them and how to approach them. Mindworx are passionate experts and good speakers.”
      Lenka ManinkováDigital Marketing Specialist at Union, Bratislava

      Who will walk you through it?

      Matej Šucha – Managing Partner, Mindworx

      Founder of Mindworx and expert in customer psychology. Matej has worked with the world’s biggest names in this field, and hundreds of students have gone through his workshops.

      Nikola Bernátová – Senior Behavioral Consultant & Customer Journeys Expert

      Nikola is designing solutions to change habits and behavior through the smart use of behavioral economics. In the meantime, she is constantly trying to improve our own methods.

      Organizational Details:

      • Workshop Capacity: Maximum 15 participants so we can attend to everyone and answer all the questions
      • Scope: A one-day workshop structured so that you can immediately put new knowledge into practice
      • Workshop Price: 250 € per person (without VAT)
      • Address 4.10.2023: Scott Weber – Blox Dejvice – Praha 6
      • Address 15.11.2023: WorkLounge – Forum Karlín – Praha 8
      • Length 9:00 – 15:00


      Are you ready to learn what makes your customers thick?

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