6 Key Behavioral Principles to Begin With

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    What principles will you learn about?

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    1. Context is Your Superweapon
    2. Uncertainty, a Top Sales Killer
    3. Reciprocity Applied in Innovative Ways
    4. Perceived Effort and How to Reduce It
    5. Endowment Effect and How to Evoke It
    6. Perceived Value and How to Increase It
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    Why learn about Consumer Psychology?

    Up to 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.
    Do you know how to influence and shape them?

    For successful sales and marketing, you need one key thing above all: Understanding the subconscious of your customers and knowing how to work with it.

    Many successful companies (Google, Uber, SwissRe, Spotify) are investing heavily in behavioral economics and customer psychology to achieve better results without increasing costs.