“Hurray! I’m getting new insurance!” No customer said that. Ever. What does that mean for you?


No matter how great your offer is, customers seldom perceive it as a major lifesaver. And they certainly don’t look forward to buying it. For them, it’s mostly a necessity that eats up their time and money. 

Insurance is a unique industry unlike any other. 

  • It’s filled with client uncertainties and misunderstandings.
  • It’s tough to build relationships because of IFAs.
  • Interactions with clients are rare.
  • Clients are reluctant to buy insurance online. 

Luckily, at Mindworx, we know a lot about what makes insurance customers tick. 

We can help you

Digital sales optimization

  • Analyze your existing funnel. Fix the weak spots and make the whole process more intuitive in order to decrease drop-out rate.
  • Use the latest behavioral science insights to create a new, easy-to-navigate sales funnel that customers will fly through.

New insurance product design

  • Understand your customers. Get to know what drives their decisions, what motivates them, and what holds them back from purchasing.
  • Find out what your customers cherish most about your product. Use that information to deliver the product’s value in a way that truly connects with them.

Effective direct communication

  • Build a meaningful communication plan. Let every message serve its specific purpose in your customers’ journey and nudge them to buy.
  • Boost this with persuasive copy stacked with the latest knowledge from behavioral economics and consumer psychology.