Product design

Increase the chances that your newly launched product will be that lucky 1 in 5 that makes it! But don’t leave it up to luck – rely on science.


What is it about?

Get a clear picture of what gets your future customers hooked, and crucially, what leaves them cold!

We use science-driven tools and frameworks to identify the right value proposition, product features and pricing long before you have sunk a fortune into a cool-sounding product that nobody is buying. 


Phase 1: Product discovery

We’ve helped insurance companies, fintech, wellness and fitness startups launch new products. We help them to find:


Clearly defined behavioral target groups

Looking at demographics alone isn’t enough. We create behavioral personas based on goals, needs, current pains, potential gains and even the reasons why they might not be interested. For this, we use our proprietary “Why not” workshop methodology.


Product features that sell & shedding those that don’t

Once you have a clear picture of the varying needs, pains and even objections that your prospects have, you can avoid designing product features they have little interest in and can come up with useful new ones that you had not yet thought of.


A value proposition that resonates

Together, we will zero in on the competition. But beyond just looking at other brands, we will get into the nitty-gritty of why your future audience might be swayed by other solutions. This is the foundation for crafting unique value propositions that customers actually care about. 

Phase 2: Customer research and testing

Get insights into how people really feel about the product before you put in a ton of work on development: 

  • Customer interviews and observations
  • Fast choice testing
  • Choice-based conjoint analysis

Phase 3: High-performing funnels and communication

Creating an amazing product doesn’t mean customers will buy it. That’s why sticky communication and conversion funnels are crucial.

Detailed customer journey

We design a thorough campaign flow, optimized for impact. This is done to the most granular level (timing, sequence, target groups, channels) so that you have nothing more to do than just launch it.

Conversion-focused copy

Combines voice-of-the-customer with an arsenal of consumer psychology techniques. This ensures that everything in your new copy is on point and packs a punch.

Seamless funnels

We design the exact steps customers need to take to convert. Combining UX and behavioral insights ensures there is no friction or uncertainty to make them back down.