Digital sales increase

Jump up sales without extra costs! Remove sneaky barriers that prevent customers from buying.


What is it about?

Are you constantly thinking about the ways to motivate customers to buy?

Stop. It just costs you extra money!

Customers are often motivated enough. Find out what is preventing them from taking action and fix it. 

Phase 1: Behavioral diagnostics


Consumer psychology

You’ll unearth the key psychological barriers and motivators through the well-established COM-B model. You’ll learn where the major conversion problems lie.


Performance copywriting

Analysis of your texts through the lens of direct action copy. How does the language you’re using make the customer feel? Do they see the value you offer? Do you use words that confuse your audience? Do you foresee what questions they may have? 


Attention diagnostics using the Predict AI software

You’ll learn with 95% accuracy what attracts customers’ attention in the first 5 seconds. You will immediately see if their attention falls on unimportant or even harmful places.


UX diagnostics

Precise diagnosis of user experience (UX) will reveal hidden problems in usability. You will find out how to improve ergonomics, contributing to increased conversions.

Phase 2: Solution design

Based on these diagnostics, we’ll create out-of-the-box, science-backed solutions. This is what we typically deliver to our clients:

  • Recommendations for better product-customer fit
  • New target groups and conversion funnels
  • Wireframes of new landing pages and online funnels
  • Word-for-word copy and messaging

Methods we use

These are some of the tools we use to tackle your challenge:

Proprietary “Why not” methodology

We’ll uncover the major reasons why customers are not doing what you want and what their strongest motivators are.

User testing and qualitative research

To dive deep into your customers’ subconscious, we conduct user testing, in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Interviews with customer support

Often, so much can be discovered by paying attention to what your customer support team already knows. That’s where we always start.

Predict AI software

This cutting-edge technology enables us to discover what gets noticed and what doesn’t capture customers’ attention at all.