The psychology of persuasion

This unique workshop will take you through the hidden secrets of persuasion. Not only will you acquire the necessary tools to shape people’s decisions, but you will also understand the subconscious forces driving these decisions.

​Why should you participate?

We will show you simple instruments rooted in scientific research from the fields of social psychology, cognitive sciences and behavioral economics. At the end of the workshop you will be able to apply these instruments to your presentations, sales pitches, emails and other forms of communication.

​What will you learn?

  • Six basic principles of persuasion,
  • Loss aversion,
  • How to generate and use emotions,
  • Principle of concrete & specific,
  • How to effectively use and communicate numbers,
  • The principle of anchoring.

Who is this workshop for?

You can use knowledge from this workshop for creating more effective communication campaigns, negotiations, communication with clients, colleagues, and even with friends and family. In other words, this workshop is for everybody who wants to learn how to communicate more persuasively.

Are you interested?

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