The Psychology behind great customer experience

Customer experience is your customer’s subjective perception of the interaction with your company. Since the perception is subjective, we can cleverly craft and change it. We however need to understand the psychological forces that drives it.

​Why should you participate?

Customer experience should not be about surpassing customers’ expectations at all costs. We will present the Iceberg model of customer experience and satisfaction which explains the relative importance of removing negatives from the experience and building positives.

​What will you learn:

  • What is the best predictor of disloyalty: perceived effort,
  • Which feeling you must avoid at all costs: uncertainty,
  • What other factors create negatives in the experience,
  • Why should you know about the psychology of waiting,
  • The key to changing customer experience: experience engineering,
  • What are the most important moments: the peak-end rule.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is not just for people working in customer service - it is for sales people, managers and virtually everybody who often interacts with customers or clients and is interested in their satisfaction.

Are you interersted?

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