EVOLVE summit

2018 Nov 27
By Katarína Dubovcová

On November 14th we had the great pleasure to share some of our insights and expereinces from using behavioral economics in HR at EVOLVE summit in Brno. Probably the best HR conference we had the chance to speak at so far. Two days, three stages, plenty of great speakers and a vibrant atmosphere.

We presented three of our case studies focused on recruiting:

  • The first revolved around the concept of uncertainty. A concept which is too often neglected but absolutely crucial. If you want anybody to do anything you need to understand what are his uncertainties, what are the questions he doesn’t have answers to. Unless you provide these answers he will be deaf to the benefits you try to push forward. We worked with the concept of uncertainty in the design on job ads and recruiting interviews.
  • The second case study also aimed at job ads. A surprising intervention deeply rooted in people’s psychology increased the chance of someone sending his CV after reading a job ad by 154%. Read more about the intervention here.
  • The last case we presented was a complex redesign of a recruiting interview. Project which took a year to complete and brought outstanding results. Read more about what we did here.
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