Customer experience

Customer experience

Customer experience is all about the subjective perception of the interaction with your company. Often a few words or a simple tweak in the environment can completely change this perception. Behavioural sciences teach us how to work with the subjective perception and what really matters to customers. 

If you want to increase your customers' loyalty, you need to understand that the path is twofold. First and foremost you need to mitigate disloyalty, only afterwards you can start thinking about building loyalty.

Research shows that the key drivers of customer disloyalty are the perception of effort customers need to make to resolve their issues, the uncertainty they experience when interacting with your company and insufficient personalization of the interaction.

Now is the time when businesses start to understand that it is the experience they provide which will differentiate them from their competitors. Behavioural sciences help us understand how customers think and what matters to them. They offer the key to a strategic allocation of often limited resources to maximize their effectiveness.

We will help you improve the customer journey across all channels to provide an outstanding experience. The first crucial step is to identify the critical touch points along your customer journey around which we will design effective behavioural interventions.

Our approach consists of four main parts. First we explore, then we diagnose, fix disloyalty and eventually build loyalty.

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