An online course which will forever change how you do your marketing

2019 May 24
By Kristína Radová

Meet the world’s first video course on behavioral economics and psychology in marketing. Created by 4 of the world’s leading experts in the field and tested in the real world. Sounds too good to be true? Well, here's a catch, it's so fun you might not wanna put it down. 

Do you know the tingling feeling when you become overwhelmed by an idea? You feel it's so great until real life intervenes, until naysayers rain on your parade...

We had a rather bold idea. To make a gist of behavioral economics available; to bring digestible and portable knowledge to many people.

The knowledge that would help struggling small businesses but also big well-established companies to increase their sales, ROI, conversions, customer engagement and even to get better candidates to join.

It might seem counterintuitive but it works

We knew it could be done. Day in and day out over the past 4 years we've been helping our clients (smaller, larger businesses and even public institutions), to improve their sales, marketing, and even hiring.

We wanted to facilitate this journey for everybody by offering the necessary tools based on the knowledge we used and which brought great results. Some of the changes we proposed and applied were utterly counterintuitive. The things market research would tell us not to do and which - you've guessed it - worked tremendously!

It was not a fluke though. We weren’t shocked, we didn't drop anything when we heard that a simple change of a job ad we designed tripled the amount of sent CV. How could that be? Easily. There were decades of scientific research from psychology, sociology and behavioral economics to back it up.

If we can do it, so can you 

Working with the nature of how we make decisions was crucial for the success. At Mindworx, we look at what makes customers tick and use it to achieve our clients' business goals. Faster and more efficiently. 

It’s so simple and easy that our clients could almost do it themselves; have they had the right toolbox

This is an idea which Mindworx academy was based on. An online course anyone can join and which will turn their struggles into bullseyes.

We offer a different lense through which to look when generating new ideas. It contains 8 chapters based on our ADAPT framework and which cover 24 behavioral principles. There are three versions (Complete course, Video lectures, Handouts) so you better check out, which one suits you most.

Diving deep into each principle will enable you to ask the right questions. What price feels fair and why? How can you design our environment to elicit a certain behavior? 

We also  give you a set of  guiding question - ideation prompts - related to each principle, which provide tremendous help in coming up with solutions you wouldn't otherwise think of  - and which can significantly change the results you get. It's a great checklist to use in any project.

Although it’s online, you can print out any PDF. And might we add wouldn’t be surprised if it were dog-eared pretty soon.:)

Spoiler alert - if you are looking for gimmicks, quick fixes and random tactics promising to improve your marketing, this is not the course for you. 

The interventions you will learn about in the course are backed up by science. There is no magic silver bullet but we can surely steer it the right way. Learn the rest at or click at the button bellow.

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