Consumer Psychology Training Program

Learn what to say and how to say it to make your customers tick.


Companies who have trained with us

What is it about?

90% of decisions happen subconsciously. Learn what to say and how to say it to make your customers tick.

That’s why companies don’t get far by bombarding customers with rational arguments, discounts, and special deals. So, what actually makes them tick? 

This training reveals the most important behavioral economics and consumer psychology principles that drive consumer behavior. You’ll learn how to use them in your specific situation to solve your specific challenges

What will you walk away with?


Deep Understanding

of how your customers truly make decisions and how to influence them.


An Abundance of Principles

from consumer psychology that will increase the effectiveness of your copy, ads, and online funnels.


Step-by-step Framework

that serves as a template to build your solutions for years to come.


Ready-to-deploy Solutions

to your current challenges. From Day 1 you’ll work under our expert wing on problems you bring to the table.

What our clients say?

““This training is one of the most interesting and activating I have had for a long time. It is super concrete, with perfect balance between theory, case studies and practice.””
Claire DelabreStrategic Marketing Manager, Orange Belgium
“Extremely useful and practical with insights we can easily apply right away in our day-to-day work.”
Miroslava FekiacovaCRM team leader at Slovenská sporiteľňa, Bratislava
“Very eye-opening for everybody who attended. It radically transformed how we look at customers and design campaigns. The knowledge we gained is now applied in all our day-to-day CRM activities.”
Jalal DouameHead of group CRM at Raiffeisen International, Vienna
“This training made us rethink how we communicate with customers, create offers, and structure campaigns. It was crammed with fascinating insights from consumer psychology presented by true experts. ”
Milan JirskovskyHead of CRM at Raiffeisenbank, Prague
“The trainings were very interesting, productive and extremely helpful. We are already applying the insights in every campaign that we launch. ”
Festim BllacaCRM Campaign Manager at Raiffeisen, Pristina
“It brought us very pragmatic, concrete benefits when designing propositions and planning communication. And it’s not only relevant for marketing – any colleague with a customer-facing role can benefit.”
Sandra MoreauChief Marketing officer at Orange Group, Paris

Is this training
a good fit for you?

Most probably yes, if you want:

  • your team to stop doing the same things over and over again, and instead come up with fresh, innovative ideas, and approaches.
  • to measurably bump up the performance of your direct communication, ads, online funnels, and everything in between.
  • to get to the bottom of what drives customers and makes them tick.
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Who will benefit the most?

  • CRM, Campaigns, & Communication Teams 
  • Digital Channel Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Customer Experience Teams

How’s the training structured?

The training is structured in modules. Each module consists of:

01 Core Modules

Consumer psychology fundamentals

You will learn:

Decision-making process
Discover what the customer decision-making process is and what it means if you don’t get it right.

3 major forces
Get to the bottom of the 3 major forces that influence customers’ decisions.

Psychological barriers
Became a master at identifying and removing the 5 most common behavioral and psychological barriers that prevent customers from taking action.

Principles of motivation
Learn the nitty-gritty of 8 fundamental principles of human motivation and how to use them in ads, landing pages, emails, and sales funnels.

02 Specialized modules

Conversion-Focused Copy

You will learn:

3 business writing commandments, and the most common mistakes companies make in communication.

5 most important principles to increase the clarity and persuasiveness of your message.

What is key to creating more universal messages that still hit the mark with a broader audience.

How to structure campaigns and combine different channels to achieve the best possible outcome.

Digital Sales & Client Journeys

You will learn:

Behavioral personas, their role and how they differ from traditional target groups

How to build highly converting client journeys

What are primary and secondary triggers and how to use them in your digital sales efforts

What’s the difference between push and pull journeys and when to use them

How to build heating-up sequences that prepare the client for your offer

Customer Experience

You will learn:

What the CX Iceberg model is and what the true role of customer service is.

The most important yet overlooked aspects that ruin CX and drive disloyalty.

4 key principles to create positive experiences repeatedly and systematically.

03 Application modules

Team mentoring

The mentoring takes place 6-12 months after completing the initial training. Together we agree on duration and content of sessions.

It’s essential for the team to start applying the newly gained insights right away.

You’ll choose an assignment and we’ll help the team tackle it.

We’ll mentor the team throughout the entire process from analyzing the decision-making process to designing psychology-based solutions.

The duration and extent will depend on the assignment you pick.

Email recap & deepen program

It’s important that the new insights stay top of mind, otherwise the team might slide back to “business as usual”.

Everyone who attended the training will receive 1 email / week with a case study or recap of 1 behavioral principle.

The purpose is twofold: to nudge the team to think about consumer psychology and to give them new inspiration and ideas.

There’s a live Q&A session at the end of each month.

The training is structured in modules Each module consists of:

  • 1 training session that includes theory spiced up with short exercises (2h)
  • 1 workshop session where you work on your current work challenge (1,5h)
  • Additional readings complemented with exclusive access to