Boost Sales & Increase Conversions With Consumer Psychology

The world’s #1 training program in consumer psychology.


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What is it about?

Boost Sales & Increase Conversions With Consumer Psychology is the world’s #1 training program in consumer psychology.

It is not another training about dubious sales tactics. It isn’t about finding the pop-psychological profile of customers and using the right words to motivate them to buy. 

So, what is this training about then? It’s about the why behind the buy. We teach participants a powerful SURF framework and 9 psychological principles that help them boost their sales and increase conversions.

What our clients say?

“I lead a team of experienced real estate salespeople. This workshop was incredibly inspiring, and practical; and pushed us to think outside the box. The case studies and examples on changing communication to become more persuasive were awesome!”
Marian DornakSales Director, ITB Development
“Very eye-opening for everybody who attended. It radically transformed how we look at customers and design campaigns.”
Jalal DouameHead of Group CRM, Raiffeisen International
“I have an experienced team that’s not easy to please, but everybody was amazed. We had a lot of aha moments that changed how we look at our clients.”
Robert TothHead of Marketing, NN Insurance
“This training made us rethink how we communicate with customers, create offers, and structure campaigns. It was crammed with fascinating insights from consumer psychology presented by true experts. ”
Milan JirskovskyHead of CRM, Raiffeisenbank CZ
“It brings very pragmatic and concrete benefits when designing value propositions or planning communication. The training is not only for marketing. Any colleague with a customer-facing mission will benefit from it.”
Sandra MoreauChief Marketing Officer, Orange Group
“Incredibly inspiring, professional, and practical. I’ve been through many training programs, but this one radically changed how I communicate with my clients.”
Peter KonecnySenior Financial Advisor

What will you walk away with?

The training brings the latest knowledge from consumer psychology about:

  • How customers really make purchase decisions and what role their subconscious plays. It’s about “the why behind the buy”. 
  • The 4 psychological barriers that hold customers back from buying. These 4 sales and conversion killers are the cornerstone of effective sales and high conversions.
  • The 5 psychological principles of persuasion. Traditional sales tactics often fail because they argue with customers’ logic. To make them buy, you need to appeal to their subconscious.

Understanding and learning to apply these is the key to highly effective sales.

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This training is for you if you’re…

Sales representatives

who want to achieve higher close rates while feeling more comfortable in the sales process

Independent financial advisors

who need to explain and sell complicated financial

Call center agents

who want to be able to sell over the phone more effectively and understand what drives the purchasing decisions of their customers

Marketing managers

with tough KPIs who are open to try and test new tactics and approaches

Online sales experts

who want to achieve higher conversions by going beyond basic UX practices

Unique Features of the Training


Easy to tailor to different industries

Training is that the framework and principles are universal, regardless of the industry and roles of the participants. It can then be easily tailored through examples and exercises that participants work on.


Fun and gamification

We designed the training with a touch of gamification, making the entire learning experience more engaging and fun. Participants work in teams and collect points to win a prize at the end of the third module.


Mood and energy in the room

Each module is packed with brief energizers ensuring a lively ambiance and keeping energy levels high. The goal is to lighten the mood and help participants to focus better.


Flexible delivery

Each module takes 3 hours, and the ideal pace of the training is one module per week. However, if need be, it can be delivered in three consecutive days or as a 1.5-day training.

How is the training structured?

The goal is not simply to teach people the latest insights.

It is for them to understand and learn to apply those latest insights in their specific situation. All the while having fun and enjoying the process.

That’s why we split the training into three modules.

Intro to Consumer Psychology & the SURF Framework

What is it about?

This module introduces attendees to the world of consumer psychology.

They learn about the crucial role of the subconscious in purchase decisions, what the decision-making process is, and how context influences customers.

To make it easy to grasp, this module introduces the SURF framework. It provides a simple step-by-step guide to increasing sales.

The goal of this module is for you to:

Understand the role of customers’ subconscious in the purchase process

Recognize what the decision-making context is and how it influences purchase decisions

Analyze the decision-making process of customers and define key behavioral goals

Use the SURF framework to increase sales

Recognize clients’ barriers to purchase

What will you walk away with?

As you implement the new insights in your own situation, you will have:

Identified mistakes that are holding your sales performance back

Applied the 4 steps of the SURF framework and come up with an improved sales process, communication, or strategy

4 Psychological Barriers that Stop Customers from Acting

What is it about?

This module is about the most important yet often overlooked step in your efforts to increase sales – identifying and removing psychological barriers to action.

It uncovers the most common psychological barriers that stop customers from buying and teaches attendees techniques to remove them.

The goal of this module is for you to:

Gain a deep understanding of the 4 main psychological barriers to purchase;

Discover techniques to remove them

Learn what a customer’s “zone of acceptance” is and how to enter it;

Learn how to adjust the sales process so customers enter the zone of acceptance faster.

What will you walk away with?

After completing this module, you will:

Be able to identify which barriers are stopping your customers from acting

Know how to overcome the 4 main psychological barriers to action

Have identified barriers to action in your own sales process and designed strategies to overcome them

The 5 Most Important Motivators to Purchase

What is it about?

The third module covers the 5 most important principles of motivation.

However, it’s not about the carrot-and-stick techniques you’ve heard about a thousand times before. Instead, this module focuses on subconscious motivators that truly guide customers’ decisions.

The goal of this module is for you to:

Learn how each of the 5 principles of motivation works

Understand how and when in the sales process to use them

Be able to implement the principles in your existing sales process

What will you walk away with?

After the final module, you will:

Know how to identify the situations in which to use the 5 principles of motivation

Have incorporated the 5 principles of motivation into your own sales process

Have improved and tested your entire sales process with insights from all three modules

Every module takes half a day and consists of a training part and a workshop part.

  • Training
    We talk about the latest insights, case studies, and principles that drive consumer behavior.
  • Workshop
    You apply all you’ve learned to your processes & situations.
  • Bonus
    Additional readings complemented with exclusive access to

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